headbo-logo-onlyHEADBOX lab aims to understand the biological bases of human behaviour and cognition.  We use psychophysiology and psychopharmacology to generate new knowledge on brain function and assess how complementary therapies affect neurocognition.  A range of ground-breaking research projects are underway across several clinical areas including mild cognitive impairment, dementia, women’s health, chronic pain, and cardiovascular disease.  HEADBOX lab offers the exciting opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team using cutting-edge research techniques including electrophysiology, neuroimaging, and ultrasonography.  We also have a vibrant fundamental science research stream investigating novel biomarkers for dementia, how brain function changes with age, and how our brain state affects task performance.



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A/Prof Genevieve Steiner, HEADBOX Team Leader











Mr Mahmoud Al-Dabbas, Research Assistant and WSU Summer Scholarship Recipient








Ms. Zainab Al-Modhefer, Associate Lecturer in Podiatry, MRes Candidate, Podiatrist, and Phlebotomist








Ms Elana Andrews-Marney, Research Assistant, WSU Summer Scholarship Recipient, Advanced Medical Science Graduate (with Distinction), and Phlebotomist










Mrs Adele Cave, PhD Candidate, Research Assistant, and Phlebotomist









Mr Kanny Chow, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, and Research Volunteer








Mrs Katerina Christofides, PhD Candidate and Phlebotomist








Ms Lauren Dewsbury, MRes Candidate, Naturopath, Research Assistant, and Phlebotomist








Ms Naomi Fagan, Research Officer and Clinical Psychologist








Mr Jack Fogarty, Research Assistant and PhD Candidate








Dr Mark Hohenberg, Clinical Trial Consultant and Staff-Specialist Geriatrician









Mr Deyyan Jafar, Neuropsychology Research Assistant and Provisional Psychologist (Clinical Neuropsychology)











Dr Diana Karamacoska, Postdoctoral Research Fellow








Ms Najwa-Joelle Medri, WSU Summer Scholarship Recipient, Advanced Medical Science Candidate









Dr Vince Oxenham, Clinical Trial Consultant and Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist









Ms Holly Eva Ratajec, PhD Candidate and Phlebotomist






Lauren Rispen





Ms Lauren Rispen, Physiology PhD Candidate and Echocardiographer








Ms Nikita Roy, Fulbright Scholar, University of Connecticut







Ms Danielle Shipton, Neuropsychology and Ultrasonography Research Assistant, Psychology Honours Graduate








Mr. David Varjabedian, Clinical Trial Coordinator, Psychology Honours Graduate, and Phlebotomist





Contact A/Prof Steiner for more information or to discuss a potential collaboration.


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A/Prof Genevieve Steiner

Boom! 💥 DNA extraction complete 💉🧬✅ Ready to crank out the genotyping 🔬 Any special target requests for MCI/AD?!… t.co/eS79u4wDNC

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A/Prof Genevieve Steiner

Rising stars? More like rising men. It's 2020 and only 22.5% (9/40) of @australian top 40 young researchers are wo… t.co/5n9wXz23Ix

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Lauren Dewsbury

Today marks 1 mo. of daily #meditation practice. Positive effects have been profound. - I have space to think befo… t.co/GCPKyXp8a7

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Dr Guoyan Emily Yang

Call for @westernsydneyu undergraduate. If you are interested in #Dementia and Tai Chi, please contact me and get p… t.co/eSayOAEQJb

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A/Prof Genevieve Steiner

📢📢📢 Are you studying at @westernsydneyu? Interested in a $3.5K summer scholarship? Join our team and explore how ex… t.co/VDuqHpFOum

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Healthy Brain Ageing Program, University of Sydney

"Must attend" talk on how to #Prevent #dementia by @Gill_Livingston on Sept 29. Check it out @ForeFront_USydt.co/EDsnYzKvU5

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Dr Diana Karamacoska

My grandma and grandpa both live with dementia. It sucks. I'm raising money for a cause close to my heart and would… t.co/2a3ZwPdFt4

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A/Prof Genevieve Steiner

Paper 1 in #365papers challenge! Enjoying a well-cited recent review on gut-brain axis at sunset from our lovely ba… t.co/OMTykUwx3O

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